As of January 2015, I have joined Flatiron Health in NYC as a biostatistician. Most recently, I was Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Department of Quantitative Health Sciences at the Cleveland Clinic. In 2012, I completed my Ph.D. in biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania, working with Dan Heitjan. My dissertation focused on methods for heaped self-reported data with application to cigarette smoking.

I am currently working with oncology-related electronic medical record (EMR) data, with particular interest in issues of data quality and completeness. Other areas of research include patient-reported outcome measures, neurology, and behavioral health. I get excited about interesting datasets, R, visualization, and reproducible research.

I live in Brooklyn, NY and spend much of my free time with bikes and/or cats.

You can find me at:  Google ScholarLinkedIn, GithubTwitter

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